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KeptPrivate is a security oriented web email service. We offer a web email client accessible over an SSL connection. By using SSL all communication between your web browser and the KeptPivate servers is encrypted. You can also retrieve your email with an email client (such as Eudora or Outlook) using POP or IMAP over SSL.

The KeptPrivate web email client lets you send secure messages to non-KeptPrivate users and lets you encrypt messages you have stored on the server.

Subscription costs $10.00 for 3 Months. Renew annually thereafter for $40.

Who We Are

KeptPrivate Inc. is a small privately held corporation founded by Steven P. Ritacco a Software Developer with 15 years of industry experience. Most recently Steve was Director of Product Development at Excite and prior to that spent time at Hewlett Packard, Motorola, and Adobe.

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