Steven P. Ritacco


Director of IT 11/2001 - present Inc.

Hands-on manager of IT team for successful direct marketing company. Microsoft platform, IIS, SQL Server, ASP.

Director of Product Development: Excite Italia 11/96 - 10/00 Excite Inc.

Managed product development and technology transfer to Excite Joint Venture. Built and Managed local product team. Scheduled and coordinated product releases with development teams. Launched WAP (moblie phone) version of Italian portal. Drove Excite Italia from launch to the worlds #4 Italian language web site in under 18 months.

Previously, as Personalization Technical Lead: Authored and enhanced Web server software for personalized products. Wrote HTML page generation code in C++ and STL on Sun SPARC servers. Built Oracle user database with SQL and Oracle Pro C. Built content feed handlers in Perl.

Consultant 3/96 - 11/96 Daily Rocket Company

Developed server component of custom Internet application. Built Windows NT IIS server DLL with MS VC++ to process custom protocol (on top of HTTP) that serves personalized news and investment information. Built SQL-Server databases to track users and demographic information. Built SQL-Server database to store news stories and integrated it with existing stock database. Wrote satellite news feed parser. Built client-server transaction processing system to deliver custom HTML based on user interests and target advertizements based on user demographic criteria.

Senior Software Engineer 8/95 - 7/96 Motorola

Create applications for mobile computers. User interface designer for FLEXConnect Web service. CGI implementor for FLEXConnect Web service.

Computer Scientist 6/94 - 7/95 Adobe Systems Inc.

Implementation engineer on high-end network printing system. Design and implement program interface between Adobe PostScript and OEM software. All code written in C in a UNIX (Sun OS) environment.

Team Lead: Graphics and UI Toolkit 6/92 - 2/94 EO Inc. / GO Corporation

Technical Lead and Team Manager for UI toolkit and imaging classes on advanced object oriented PenPoint OS. The UI toolkit, part of PenPoint’s MFC-like application framework, is a library of reusable objects used to build user interfaces. Responsible for making many changes to the UI controls to reflect changing specifications and marketing requirements. Rearchitected the (Display PostScript-like) PenPoint imaging system to provide greater portability and flexibility. All code written in object oriented dialect of C. Some code written and tested on Macintosh in Think C and ported to native PenPoint environment.

Software Engineer 4/89 - 5/92 Hewlett Packard Corporation

Redesigned portions of PCL5 and real time rasterization code for the LaserJet 4. Added resolution switching capability and designed PCL language changes to accommodate the new features. Served on Corporate Color Imaging Standards Committee. Studied and proposed gray-scale additions to PCL language. Acted as system administrator for network of developer UNIX workstations. Ported PCL implementation to RISC architecture. All code written in C and assembly in a UNIX (HP-UX) environment.

Consultant 8/88 - 3/90 Andromeda Software

Sole designer/engineer of PageMaker-like interactive page-layout application for Information International Inc. The application reads and writes a proprietary pagination language and provides a large virtual paste-up area containing many active pages within a window. The application has a floating tool palette and pop-up menus, and incorporates other interface innovations to speed document production. All code written in C in a UNIX (Sun OS) environment.

Software Engineer 4/88 - 4/89 Genicom Corporation

Worked on PostScript clones for Genicom laser printers. Created performance enhancements based on runtime profiles (UNIX prof/gprof tools). Worked with hardware designers on optimizations for rasterization hardware. All code written in C and assembly in a UNIX (Sun OS) environment.

Software Engineer 9/86 - 4/88 Information International Inc.

Designed page-layout application for advanced pre-press system. Built prototypes on Sun workstation and Macintosh in C. Wrote data and font format conversion routines.


9/82 - 5/86 BS in Computer Science University of Rhode Island, May 1986.